1:29 pm : 20.Nov.2018
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CT World School students take pledge to conserve water

CT-World-School-student-conserve-water-JalndharJalandhar, July 19, 2018 (Yes Punjab News)

Water conservation has become a concern at home, work and in schools. Small steps towards water conservation make a big impact. Integrating the conservation efforts with an educational program for the students makes the campaign more effective.


To ensure the same, CT World School held a water conservation awareness campaign, encouraging the teachers to discuss the benefits of conserving water and ways the students can get involved in using less water. At the beginning of the campaign, Ms. Madhu Sharma, Principal CT World briefed the audience about the activities of the awareness campaign and fortified the students for this movement.


The campaign started with the pledge ceremony wherein students promised not to waste water followed by a thematic assembly wherein thoughts, facts and news relating to water conservation was discussed.


Animated movie and presentations depicting different methods of water conservation with special reference to rainwater harvesting & water purification were shown to the learners. Students demonstrated the wise ways to water plants through experiments and promised to follow the same. Working models on water conservation were made and represented by students which included water purifier and rain water harvesting plant. Creative Writing activity on Water conservation allowed all of the students to take part in spreading the news. Students produced water conservation videos and stimulated the thought of sustaining water.


To make students realize the significance of this campaign, Nukkad Natak was performed by respective houses of CT World School in which water was considered as the theme. Students performed to the best of their ability and learnt the team work along with techniques of casting, direction and make-up. Students not only enjoyed being part of this campaign but were inspired too.


Mrs. Madhu Sharma, Principal CT World remarked that importance of water cannot be overlooked. As a responsible global citizen, it becomes our responsibility to use this resource and in fact all other natural resources scrupulously.


Mr. Manbir Singh, Managing Director, CT Group appealed to spread awareness as much as you can in your immediate surroundings and try to stop the exploitation of scarce natural resources because by 2025, two third of world population may face water stress. 

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