9:00 am : 18.Oct.2018
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CT students learn processing of milk at Verka

CT-Students-Verka-JalandharJalandhar, June 28, 2018 (Yes Punjab News)

The students of B.Tech. (CSE & ME) post 2nd Semester, undertook an industrial visit to the Verka Milk Plant, Jalandhar City.


At Verka Milk Plant, the students learned about the various managerial skills along with the technical knowhow about the manufacturing, preservation and packaging of milk and milk related products like Paneer, Lassi, Kheer, pinni, curd etc. They understood the technical aspects of processing of any organization.


The students also inquired and solved their queries in discussion with the technical staff. The students gained knowledge about quality standards also.


Dr. Jasdeep Kaur Dhami, Director, Maqsudan Campus said that industrial visits are very important because it bridges the gap between industry and academics. Mr. Anurag Sharma, Vice Principal CTITR said regular industrial visits are conducted to give more emphasis to the practical work along with theory.

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