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Murders of NRI Students in US – IOC seeks appointment with Krishna

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Jalandhar, April 22, (HS Bawa)

Expressing grief and concern over the murders of NRI students in US the Indian Overseas Congress, CA, USA has asked the Government of India to take up the matter of safety and security of Indian Students living and studying in USA.


An Indian student hailing from Odisha has been the second victim in a matter of 15 days. A Punjabi youth Rahul Sharma was shot dead just a few days ago.


Indian Overseas Congress has also sought an appointment with Indian Minister of External Affairs so that he may be briefed about the situation there in US.


In a letter written to S M Krishna, Vikram Jit Bajwa, the president of Indian Overseas Congress, CA, USA, a copy of which has been sent to AICC President Sonia Gandhi, Bajwa has that the matter of murders of NRI students in US has to be discussed before the situation escalates, like it happened in Australia.


Bajwa has sought appointment from Krishna in May 2012 since summer vacations are around the corner.  ‘Assurance for safety of Indian students is our foremost concern and we need assurance before the students return to Colleges/Universities after the summer vacation.’


‘Indian Overseas Congress, CA, USA has an obligation towards NRIs’ residing in the USA’, he added.


The proposed delegation coming to meet the Minister for External Affairs shall include IOC Executives and members of the families of the 9th victim shot in USA.

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