11:45 am : 16.Feb.2019
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Modi working for few industrialists, wears Rs.10 lakh suit made in UK: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul ModiNew Delhi, Feb 4,2015 (Agency)

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi Wednesday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of working for a few industrialists.


Addressing an election rally here, he took a jibe at the suit Modi wore during US President Barack Obama's visit, which had his name embroidered over it.


"The prices of petrol and diesel have gone down, but the inflation is not coming down. If the benefit of fall in oil prices in international market is not going into your pocket, then where is it going," he asked.


"Modi has four to five businessmen friends... the loss you face when you buy vegetables is their profit," he said.


Taking a jibe at Modi's famous suit which had his name on it in pinstripes, the Gandhi scion said: "He wears suit worth Rs.10 lakh, but even that is not made in India, it's made in UK."

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