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BJP asks AAP to come clear on funding scam

Maharashtra MapNew Delhi, Feb 3,2015 (Agency)

Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said Tuesday the AAP needed to come clear as to why it accepted funds from "dubious companies" before seeking any probe into an illegal funding scam alleged by the breakaway AVAM group.


"They (Aam Aadmi Party) are seeking investigation. But for what? They must first answer why they did it. Basically, it's their work," Javadekar told the media here.


The AAP Volunteer Action March (AVAM) Monday brought to light a Rs.2 crore illegal funding scam that alleged the AAP received four donations of Rs.50 lakh each from "dubious companies" in April 2014.


Following the revelation, the AAP sought a probe by a special investigation team, claiming all its transactions and funds are "legitimate".


AAP supremo Kejriwal said since the donations in question were made by cheque, his party was not responsible for ensuring the source of the funds.


Responding to Kejriwal, Javadekar said: "The AAP leader has won an Olympic trophy in telling lies. He is speaking a white truth."


"As anarchists, the AAP intended to doom democracy in Delhi and was incapable of proving stable governance to the city," he added.


Unlike the fractured mandate that resulted in a hung assembly in Delhi nearly a year ago, Javadekar said, "the voters would expose the AAP this time and the Bharatiya Janata Party would get an absolute majority" in Delhi.


The AAP ran the government for 49 days before Kejriwal resigned as chief minister.


"There was a little confusion last time. But the people would teach the AAP a lesson this time... and the BJP would rule," he said.


Delhi goes to polls Feb 7 and the votes will be counted Feb 10.

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