5:31 pm : 17.Oct.2018
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Indian Woman M.P. Mausam Noor sacrifices ministerial berth for motherhood

Bathinda: 24 November-

All politicians are not equal. There are people with exceptional qualities and exceptional attitude even in political class.


One such example is of an Indian woman politician who has sacrified a political post and that too of a ministerial berth in the Union Council of Ministers.


The first of its kind example has been set up by a young and beautiful congress M.P from Malda constituency in West Bengal.


Smt Mausam Noor who is 33 years old and a law graduate from Calcutta University in Kolkatta (West Bengal) who also happens to be the President of West Bengal Pradesh Youth Congress Committee has decided not to be a minister as she was pregnant.


 The case has come to the notice of this correspondent during a recent visit to Delhi.


It was day before the reshuffle of the Union council of ministers in the U.P.A government. Calls and invitations were being sent by the Cabinet Secretary to the probable M.Ps to be in the Rasthrapati Bhawan on Sunday morning.


One such call was made to Smt Mausam Noor M.P. from Malda in West Bengal who resides in south avenue New Delhi.


She was asked to be in Rasthrapati Bhawan for swearing in as a minister, but this young woman M.P politely says no to the minister berth and said she was pregnant and she was not in position to discharge the duties of minister in the council of ministers. The case is an eye opener for others; she preferred motherhood than a ministerial berth.

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