1:45 am : 27.May.2016

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UPA should distribute rotting wheat among the poor : BJP


Chandigarh, June 24 (YP Bureau)

Expressing concern over huge stocks of wheat rotting in the open, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has demanded that the UPA Government should distribute huge stocks of wheat lying in the open to people living below the poverty line before the onset of monsoon.


BJP National General Secretary Jagat Parkash Nadda said, if adequate steps are not taken, 6.6 million tonnes of wheat lying in open would be damaged and UPA government will be responsible for it.


He alleged that UPA government was hand in glove with those having vested interests of not allowing inflation to come down. Nadda said that last year Rs 58,000 crore worth of wheat lying in the open was lost and this year it is estimated that Rs 85,000 crore worth of wheat would be lost due to poor storage, adding the government should give away this wheat to the BPL families through the PDS system.


Nadda said under the Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) Public Distribution wheat and rice were given to the poor under for Re 1 and Re 2 per kilo and such steps would check inflation. He added that six months of quota should be given to each family as this will help ease the storage problem besides saving the government spends Rs 27 core per day on storage of grain. This Rs 27 crore saved each day can be spend on the poor to improve their lives.

He also accused the UPA government of being hand in glove with oil companies, saying how come price of oil has been hiked in India when the price of crude in the international market was coming down. Nadda alleged that there was a conspiracy between the UPA government and the companies, who are working together to fleece the people.


Nadda said the BJP was taking anti-people policies of the government to the people and unlike the 2009 elections, Black Money in foreign bank will become a major part of   the BJP’s campaign against the UPA shielding the corrupt.


Reacting to the statement of Minister of State for Food and Public Distribution K.V. Thomas that over 6.6 million tonnes of wheat meant for the public distribution system, was lying in the open, running the risk of damage from rain, Nadda said instead of monitoring the progress of monsoon, the government must ensure that the grains lying in the open are given to the people for whom it is meant and then the remaining grain can be stored in a safe and secure manner.


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