3:18 pm : 19.Sep.2014

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Strategies of Team Anna can't be revealed, can be suicidal : Kejriwal

Team Anna

New Delhi, May 3 (Agency)

The strategies of Team Anna cannot be revealed as transparency can be suicidal, a prominent member of the group, Arvind Kejriwal has said.


He was commenting on the expulsion of Shameem Kazmi from the team for allegedly secretly recording the proceedings of a core committee meeting of the group.


"There have been conspiracies against us and our strategies cannot be told beforehand as transparency can be suicidal," Kejriwal said, on the launch of collection of essays, 'Andolan' (Movement) compiled by Arunoday Prakash Wednesday.


Terming Kazmi's act a "sting operation" by the opponents of Team Anna, Kejriwal said: "The entire thing was scripted as Kazmi had to record the proceedings and come out in the media and say against me and Manish (another Team Anna member) who had nothing to do with his expulsion."


He said that Kazmi was asked to leave India Against Corruption for some days when recordings were found in his mobile but he told the media he has been expelled.

Kazmi had told media that he left the group as the entire movement has become political.


Kejriwal urged media to consider Jan Lokpal movement as their own and provide constructive criticism to it.


Former Uttarakhand Chief Minister B.C Khanduri, who was also present at the launch, said the country must fight corruption, which is disease.

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