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India’s smallest – 450 gms baby – survives despite all odds

Chandigarh, July 26, 2012 (YP Bureau)
For Rajni and her husband it’s the greatest gift from God to see their three month old survive the odds and come home from the Neonatal ICU at Fortis Mohali.


The baby, which was born prematurely weighing only 450 grams, was discharged Thursday at 1.4 kilograms, becoming India’s smallest baby to survive such a medical condition.

The baby was born after three failed pregnancies and has been in Fortis Hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit under the supervision of Dr Sunil K Agrawal, Consultant and Head, Neonatology, since her birth on April 21, 2012.

Briefing the media persons Dr Sunil K Agrawal, Consultant Neonatology, said that most newborn specialists consider babies with weight less than 500 grams have bleak chances of survival. He said in the first week none of us thought the baby was going to make it and she is a little miracle.

“It’s too early to know how she will fare when she grows up. Since she did not have any major complications, we are hopeful for a normal development”, he said.

Rajni who is in her mid –thirties, cannot stop thanking God and counting her blessings. She got lucky the fourth time, after having undergone three failed pregnancies – three intra uterine deaths at seven months of pregnancy. Pregnancy induced hypertension, where blood pressure increases to abnormal levels was the reason behind so many failed pregnancies.

The baby born on 21st April nearly three months prematurely and was immediately transferred to the NICU where a team of doctors and nurses kept watch around the clock.

Dr. Sunil went on to add, “There is no reported survival of a baby of this weight in India. The earlier record, based on the various reports published in this regard, was of a baby weighing 495 grams from Pune in October 2010.”

The doctor added she required respiratory support (ventilation) for nearly 15 days before she could breathe on her own. “Thereafter, we had to put her on artificial oxygen for another 12 days, apart from providing intravenous nutrition for the first two weeks, till she became stable,” he added.  She was able to start drinking from spoon only after about 10 weeks of birth.


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