5:47 am : 27.May.2016

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Teachers to maintain School Diaries on Weekly basis : Maluka


Chandigarh July 15 (YP Bureau)

The Punjab school education department has directed to all the teachers in the state schools to maintain school diaries at every weekend with advance planning of study to the students to bring out more improvement in imparting quality education.


Stating this Mr. Sikandar Singh Maluka Education Minister Punjab said that the current academic year was being observed as qualitative year to bring out revolutionary educational reforms in the government schools in the state. Among various steps for improvement in imparting quality education, teachers have been instructed to maintain diaries on weekly basis containing syllabus covered, students’ monthly tests record, home work reports and planning for the next week.


The Minister further said that such dairies had already been distributed in all the schools. Now teachers had been advised to write weekly diaries instead of daily diaries in order to devote more time to the students during the school hours.


Mr. Maluka said that all DEO, BEOs and schools heads have been categorically directed to check the teacher's diaries at every weekend regularly and counter check these diaries with monitor's diaries being maintained daily by the class monitors. The field education officers would duly ensure in implementation of these directions in the greater interest of students.


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