4:42 am : 3.May.2016

Army to showcase its military might during major exercise in Punjab


Jalandhar, 4 May (HS Bawa)
Indian Army’s Western Command  is conducting a major  exercise in the plains of Punjab during the month of May 2012 as a part of its operational preparedness.


The battle manoeuvres being undertaken aim at validating Army’s  fighting concepts and the absorption of new technologies.
This exercise is part of Army’s systems approach to training which aims at transforming it into a modern, lean, agile and a well equipped force, capable of accomplishing assigned tasks  thus  showcasing its rapid response capability.  
The exercise will enter its peak phase in mid May 12 when the elements of The Western Command will carry out the final phase of manoeuvres.  This will encompass all the fighting arms of the Indian Army including approx 20,000 soldiers, tanks, mechanized vehicles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Attack Helicopters and frontline Fighter Aircraft of the Indian Air Force.
During the exercise, units and formations will practice infusion of latest technology within the Army, thereby gearing it for “network-centric operations”. The exercise will encompass extensive use of satellite imagery, air borne surveillance and a wide array of land and air based radars to “achieve battle field transparency”.

This will provide real time information of the battle front to the field commanders which will help in decision making during conflict.