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Kumar Swami belittles Guru Granth Sahib, Geeta, Quran, Bible, Dhammapada, Jinvaani



Self-styled Indian ‘godman’ Kumar Swami, by resorting to one more gimmick has belittled and tried to undermine the sanctity and supremacy of none other than the Living Guru of Sikhs Shri Guru Granth Sahib and other sacred books of different religions. He has claimed that he has a three minute mantra which is multi-crore times more effective than the spiritual effect of Shri Guru Granth Sahib, Geeta, Quran-e-pak, Dhammapada, Bible and Jinvaani. Yes Punjab has gone through the content of advertisements inserted in some popular vernacular newspapers and seeing the seriousness of the issue we have decided to pre-pone the launching of this Website and confront the Baba as he has committed blasphemy which cannot be overlooked. We didn’t know that Yes Punjab will have to open its account with an Editorial on an issue like this but we take it as a responsibility entrusted to us by our Living Guru, Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji.


Yes Punjab Editorial

H S Bawa

He claims to have cure for all the ailments. He claims to be a ‘one stop shop’ for all the solutions of all the sorrows under the sun. He promises to bless you with health, wealth and success. He claims to be the sole-selling ‘godman’ of the GOD Himself. He claims to have political bigwigs and other saintly and worldly personalities as his followers. He flies and travels like a corporate biggie and issues advertisements which become a source of envy not only for other babas and saints but also some of the noted corporate houses. Only he knows the exact amount of his advertisement blitzkrieg and the only confusion for people like us is that whether it is in millions or it is in billions. Yes, you have got it right. He is what they call, ‘Mahamandleshwar Param Pujya Brahmrishi Shree Kumar Swami ji’.


Full page insertions in national and regional newspapers have become his identity now. He knows how to sell and is simply master of his technique of selling ‘godly’ blessings at a price. His full page Ads in newspapers claim that Senators of America have acknowledged his ‘powers’. His advertisements carry pictures and messages of some of India’s much known spiritual and political personalities. It is not known whether he has taken permission for this from these personalities or he does not simply need anybody’s permission.


The spiritual leaders applauding Kumar Swami’s ‘works’ and ‘powers’ include a) Jagatguru Shankracharya Swami Sadanand Sarswati ji Maharaj, Shri Shardapeethadhishwar, Dwaraka, b) Jagatguru  Shankracharya Swami Narendranand Sarswati ji Maharaj, c) Nivartman Shankracharya Shri Satyamitranand Giri ji Maharaj, d) Mahant Shri Gyan Dass, President, Rashtriya Akhara Parishad and Mahamandleshwar Swami Pranavanand ji.


Politicians felicitating Kumar Swami’s ‘works’ include none other than one of the most senior leaders of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and the former deputy prime minister of India Lal Krishan Advani. Others whose faces and messages adorn Kumar Swami’s advertisements include a) Parkash Singh Badal, chief minister of Punjab, b) Sheila Dikshit, chief minister of Delhi, c) Bhupinder Singh Hooda, chief minister of Haryana, d) Prem Kumar Dhumal, chief minister of Himachal, e) B.C. Khanduri, chief minister of Uttrakhand and Ashok Gehlot, the chief minister of Rajasthan. In these advertisements Kumar Swami claims to have more than 50 crore followers all over the world.


Insiders reveal that everything he does is meticulously planned by a team. Wherever he goes, he has politicians as guests and a photo opportunity is created so that Kumar Swami gets photographed with the personality which is later used to impress people. Various organizations issue Certificates and confer Awards on Kumar Swami and the team uses these as tools to get ‘due’ mileage in the media.


Sources tell that during the ‘Prabhu Kripa Dukh Niwaran Samagam’ entry to ‘satsang’ is ‘free’ but those who wish to take ‘beej mantra’ to ward of their sorrows and ailments have to shell money.  Nothing in this world comes free, you know. The minimum we are told is Rs. 250 but if you want something special, exclusive etc. etc. then there are different categories for which you can be charged Rs. 2500, 5000, 11000, 21000, 31000, 51000 and more for special sessions with the ‘godman’. The rule of demand and supply holds true here also. If there is a ‘samagam’ for two days but the ‘demand’ continues and the devotees continue to pour in, Kumar Swami, if not already engaged or occupied, prefers to stay for the third day and ‘bless’ those who are ready to shell out the ‘prescription fee’.


Now, you can not object to all this. Nobody really objects because in India there are a variety of Babas doing a variety of gimmicks just to outshine each other. There is a logic that no one is forcing you to come to Kumar Swami, the Baba does not force you to shell out money or compel you to have higher version of his ‘darshan’ or the ‘blessings’. Even we don’t have any objection as far as all mentioned above goes but mind it, this Swami is crossing limits.


Yeah, we hold firmly to our view that the religio-corporate success seems to have gone to his head and he is trying to be GOD instead of a ‘godman’. People like us are in the habit of tolerating this type of ‘godmen’ because we have been born and brought up in India where everything like this is a passé.


Now see, what this baba has done. He has issued an advertisement which has appeared in some of the widely circulated  vernacular papers published here. The ads which appeared on 3rd and 4th of March in different newspapers introduce a new gimmick of Kumar Swami. He now claims that he will be issuing PASSWORDS for a ‘dukh niwaran mantra’ or ‘path’. He has termed it as ‘Dukh Niwaran ke Adhbut Nishkeelan path’.  In this ad he claims that a ‘mantra’ which was kept secret by Rishis, Munis in Vedas-Shastras and for acquiring which one had to do hard religious chores now can be obtained easily while sitting at home. He goes on to claim that till now one could get it once in a month but now this ‘Nishkeelan mantra’ will be made available on daily basis. The claim is that this mantra which would be made available soon is multi-crore times effective. The Swami is soliciting registrations for getting passwords, definitely for a consideration, which is not mentioned there in the advertisement.


To lay stress on the effectiveness of the mantra and crossing his limits Kumar Swami dares to tell one and all that those who believe, worship and recite verses from Shri Guru Granth Sahib, Geeta, Quran-e-pak, Dhammapada, Bible and Jinvaani, can also get benefitted because just reciting the mantra for three minutes has multi-crore times more effect. He reiterates that reciting it for three minutes a day can give multi-crore times better results to those who believe in and recite from Guru Granth Sahib and other holy books.


Now this, we think is too much. We are not against any religion, community, any saint, any spiritual man, any baba and are not concerned how he propagates his or her religion and don’t mind if he charges and issues receipts in a ‘professional’ manner for his ‘blessings’ and ‘services’ but we are definitely and strongly against a Baba, whosoever he or she may be, and how rich or influential he or she may be, who trying to become the GOD himself loses his senses as a ‘godman’ and tries to undermine and belittle the authority of the Living Guru of the Sikhs and holy books of other religions.


As a Sikh it has hurt us like anything because Kumar Swami is claiming to have a mantra which can be multi-crore times effective even than recitation of Gurbani from Shri Guru Granth Sahib but mind it, we are not concerned about it only. We are definitely concerned about what Kumar Swami’s claim implies to other sacred books i.e. the Geeta, Quran-e-pak, Dhammpad, Bible and Jinvaani, as we respect all the religions and their holy verses.


We think that the manner in which Kumar Swami has chosen to portray Shri Guru Granth Sahib and other holy books is definitely objectionable and should be challenged by all the followers of the religions named in the advertisement, but still we leave it to the wisdom, objectivity and discretion of the religions and communities involved, whether they wish to pursue the matter or not. If some or even all the other communities think that there is no need to take cognizance of what Kumar Swami has said, they are welcome to take their own decision as everyone and every community has a right to hold the view they deem fit.  


However being a Sikh and from Sikh point of view we take strong exception to the content of the advertisement released by Kumar Swami. It surely conveys what he had in mind when he dictated and released the advertisement and shows how low a baba can go in his attempt to touch new heights.


Yes Punjab hopes Kumar Swami explains this act of blasphemy if he thinks that there could be an explanation to justify it.  


Yes Punjab calls upon Kumar Swami to tender an unconditional apology in this matter to the followers of all the religions and members of all the communities concerned. If a religion or a community thinks that there is nothing objectionable in the advertisement, it definitely has the option to say that no apology is required. However, people who think that Baba has done some wrong are welcome to join hands and fight this baba who is out not only to hurt the religious sentiments of various communities but to destroy the peace and harmony in India and abroad.


If need be, Yes Punjab will not hesitate to be a party to a complaint u/s 295-A of Indian Penal Code for hurting the religious sentiments of the communities concerned against Kumar Swami and his associates. One can only hope that better sense prevails and Kumar Swami instead of wasting time in finding excuses for his the blunder he has committed comes straight to the point and not only tenders unconditional and unqualified apology from all the religions and communities involved but also promises not to undermine the authority and sanctity of Guru Grand Sahib and other holy books in future also. Yes Punjab plans to start a signature campaign against the Baba demanding a ban on his activities and ‘samagams’.


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We reproduce hereunder the advertisements carried by different newspapers.

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