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Party drugs worth over Rs.9 crore seized in Goa

Panaji, Feb 1,2015 (Agency)

In one of the biggest raids in recent times, synthetic party drugs worth Rs.9.31 crore were seized by the anti-narcotics wing of Goa Police from an Italian national early Sunday.


According to police, the drugs were seized from 54-year-old Italian national Vincenzo Rainton's residence in Anjuna, a coastal village some 20 km north of Panaji, notorious for availability of and trade in drugs.


"We found 30,750 square shaped pieces of LSD paper (mood-changing chemicals) and 4.7 grams of LSD liquid in his residence," a police spokesperson said.


The value of the seized drugs is Rs.9.31 crore in international market, police said.


Rainton has been visiting Goa on business and tourist visa for 14 years, police said.

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