5:42 pm : 17.Feb.2019
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Three US contractors, one Afghan national killed in Afghanistan

Washington, Jan 30, 2015 (Agency) 

Three US contractors and an Afghan national have been killed when a man in an army uniform opened fire inside a military facility at Kabul's international airport, Pentagon sources said.


The incident took place Thursday evening. A US Defence Department spokesman, declining to provide further details, said an investigation was underway to determine whether the shooter was actually a member of the Afghan military.


Though US and NATO forces formally ended their combat mission in Afghanistan last month, some 12,000 troops, most of them American, remain in the South Asian nation as a part of a training process.


Twelve Afghan civilians and four police officers died earlier Thursday in a suicide attack at a funeral in Laghman province.


An attack Wednesday at a checkpoint in Ghazni province killed 11 pro-government militiamen and several assailants.

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