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'Kala Kachha Gangs’: Police to take action against rumour-mongers

Amritsar, August 06, 2013 –

Appealing to residents to ignore rumours about gangs operating in the city and nearby villages, police on Tuesday stressed that stringent action will be taken against those spreading the rumours.

Addressing a joint press conference with Border Range deputy inspector general (DIG) Paramraj Singh Umranangal, Amritsar police commissioner Ram Singh said, "We have repeatedly said no such gang is active in the Majha region which loots or attacks people at night. We are already keeping strict vigil, and will take stern action against rumour-mongers."

He added that efforts were on to reach the source. Expressing concern over a few police-public clashes, DIG Umranangal said, "It appears that the police and public do not trust each other. We are taking strict action against a few elements among those involved in 'thikri pehras' who are spoiling things and are also meeting sarpanches.

The situation has improved in the past couple of days and we are taking more confidence-building measures."

The Border Security Force is also lending a helping hand by starting patrols in border villages.

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