5:33 am : 31.May.2016

Punjabi singer Romy beats musician – Police waits for ‘Compromise’


Jalandhar, August 7, 2012 (YP Bureau) A lesser known Punjabi singer Romy Ranjan entered into a brawl and beat a fellow musician, who also happens to be a ‘Sevadar’ at a ‘Dargah’ here.  


Even as the victim had filed a written complaint on Sunday, the police instead of taking any action against the singer are waiting for ‘Compromise’ among the two parties.


Romy is said to be pressurizing the victim and influencing police not to proceed in the matter and the police had been obliging Romy to let him use his pressure tactics to get the complaint against him withdrawn. So much so that while the SHO maintains that Romy has also filed a ‘cross’ complaint against the victim, Romy said he had not filed any complaint against Shashi but would have to think if the matter does not get resolved.


It is pertinent to mention here that Romy Ranjan had gone to Dargah Baba Khaira Peer in Boota Mandi Area of the city on the eve of an annual Mela.


The singer got annoyed as Shashi, who was a fellow musician (Tabla player) with Romy earlier didn’t accord the welcome and honor the singer was expecting.  Enraged, Romy took it up with Shashi who apologized for the lapse but Romy came out of the programme. He then called Shashi and abused him over the phone.


Shashi, in his complaint stated that at about 3.00 am the singer called him out of the Mela at Dargah.  When he came out, he was asked to sit in a ‘Tavera’vehicle and as he made himself seated on a front seat of the vehicle the vehicle was forcibly locked from inside and he was beaten mercilessly by Romy and his friends.


Shashi has reportedly said that first he was punched due to which he began to bleed. They beat me up at least for five minutes and the friends of Romy threatened to hit him on the head with a baseball bat.


‘Yes Punjab’ today talked to SHO Som Nath, who confirmed having such a matter in his notice but said that nothing serious had happened and he was waiting for a ‘compromise’ between the parties.


Asked, why a case has not been registered against Romy even as a complaint has been received against him, the SHO said that even Romy had filed a complaint against Shashi.


It is pertinent to mention here that in his earlier talk with the media the SHO had not referred to any complaint filed by Romy. “They are bound to enter into a compromise and they will”, he said decisively.


Interestingly, after talking to the SHO when ‘Yes Punjab’ approached Romy for his version he said that he had moved no complaint against Shashi and only Shashi had given a complaint against him but said that as Shashi had taken the matter to Police he would also have to ‘think of something’.
“Shashi was a fellow musician. I helped him as he had no money for his treatment. No doubt he came out to apologize to me as he had not accorded the respect due to me but the style of seeking apology was also not right and I admit that I slapped him. After that he hit my vehicle with a stone and ran away”, Romy said.


Romy said that it was wrong on his part that he had not maintained a distance with Shashi, a musician.  “Now I think that I as a singer I should have maintained a distance with this fellow. Look at him, when he came out, he even offered me to have a ‘peg’ with him. It was not my status to have drinks over there”, he said adding that Shashi was playing into the hands of someone, whose name would be out soon.