2:12 am : 26.May.2016

Training important, not necessary : Actress Ridhima Sud

Ridhima-sud342x2398553 New Delhi, July 4 (Agency)

Her acting skills were honed under the tutelage of Lary Moss, who even mentored Hollywood biggie Leonardo Di Caprio. Yet, actress Ridhima Sud, who made her debut with international feature film "The Owner", says training is not a necessity in showbiz.


"It is important to learn the craft and develop the ability to understand text, what the writer is trying to say, to be a strong actor. It is not necessary though - some people are naturally talented and just need to be moulded lightly by the right hands to work well," Ridhima told IANS in an e-mail interview.


She also credits her modelling background for becoming comfortable with facing the camera, but says the two worlds are "very different".


"The only thing in common between modelling and acting is that you are acutely aware of your body and used to talking to a camera. What you have to say to it drastically changes from one to another," she said.


While most debutants prefer their launch pad to be a solo film, this 23-year-old chose to be unconventional with "The Owner", which is an amalgamation of 25 tales featuring actors from various nations.


"There are or were no rules. I have no fixed notions about work. I just know I would like there to be an abundance of it," said the actress, who featured in the movie's Dubai segment, directed by US-based Pakistani director Fahad Shaikh.


But how gratifying is a part in a movie, written and directed by 25 different filmmakers from five continents?


"It's not the length of the part but the ability to be part of such a global undertaking that is gratifying," Ridhima said.


Post "The Owner", she has been contemplating on new projects.


"There are a few actually! I have been meeting with some of the most seasoned directors in the industry and I would love to be able to work with all of them, all at once if that were even possible," she added.