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Pakistani kills ex-girlfriend with hammer

hammerLondon, June 7 (Agency)

A jobless Pakistani national bludgeoned his Filipina ex-girlfriend to death with a hammer after a split with the 37-year-old mother of his two-year-old daughter, a British court heard.


The court heard that 28-year-old Muhammed Niazi savagely murdered Charito Cruz in September 2011 after discovering she was flirting with an ex-boyfriend on Facebook.


He became depressed and asked police to deport him. But he was turned away and told to contact the Home Office, the Daily Mail reported.


Niazi from Kingston, Surrey, told the court that the Filipina woman, who he had met on an online dating site, deserved to die because she had been cheating on him.


He admitted killing Cruz, but denies murdering her. He claimed he was not fully in control of his actions due to "severe depression".


The prosecutor said the Pakistani killed the woman with many deliberate blows to the head using a hammer, and she bled to death on the floor of their sitting room.


He said Niazi was not depressed when he carried out the killing, but instead acted out of anger and revenge when he thought his partner was being unfaithful.


Both the prosecution and defence would call psychiatrists to give evidence on the killer's mental state.


At the time of her death, Cruz had been holding two jobs to support their daughter and Niazi who was not legally allowed to work in Britain.


The trial continues.

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