3:40 am : 31.May.2016

British woman held for murdering five kids


London, May 11 (Agency)

A woman was arrested Friday on suspicion of murdering five minor children who died in a fire at a house in Britain, BBC reported.

The children - aged between five and 10 - were asleep upstairs when the fire began at 3.45 a.m. Friday, police said.

Their 54-year-old father, who was downstairs in the house in Allenton, Derby, made an attempt to save them.

A sixth child - aged 13 - is in hospital with life threatening injuries.

The arrested woman - aged in her late 20s - was taken into custody from another place in the city.

According to the Telegraph, the father was an unemployed man, who lived with his wife and his mistress in the same house with his 17 children.

A police official said eight people were living in the house on a permanent basis, though there might have been other people who stayed there temporarily.