3:02 pm : 29.May.2016

Why Punjab should lag behind even on this Count?

H S Bawa

Punjab no doubt is a state on the path of progress but still we lag behind in so many things.  

Not because we don’t have resources for those, but just because the government is ignorant about some issues, misinformed about many things, is too busy or lacks the will to act.

‘Yes Punjab’ on 11th of June received a news, welcomed it and appreciated it but published it with a very heavy heart.   

The news item ‘Haryana is first state free of hookah bars’ though cheered me up but left me sad as I thought Punjab should have taken the lead.  

I had written an Editorial in this respect which was directly addressed to Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal.

The Editorial ‘Hookah Bars in Punjab – Should these continue Mr. Chief Minister?’ detailed the bad-effects Hookah Bars had on the new generation and much more.

The Government of Punjab didn’t act thus providing an opportunity to Haryana to be the first state in India to ban Hookah Bars completely.

I had written in my Editorial that in Punjab, the land which belongs to and follows ten Gurus more than any other state in the country or abroad, Hookah Bars should not have been allowed to open or exist in the first place, but sadly, they were and despite an outcry against these Hookah Bars nothing is being done.

I had written then:  “May I expect it from the worthy Chief Minister, S.Parkash Singh Badal, who has been blessed and honored by the ‘WAHEGURU’ for a record 5th time to head the state of Punjab, that he will waste no time to order the closure of these Hookah Bars as there is no issue of being secular or non- secular involved in this. It certainly is an issue of preserving our culture, protecting the future of our youth and showing concern about the health of the people living in the state”.

No one cared, nothing happened. I can understand that it may have slipped from the sight of  those who have the responsibility to bring such things to the notice of a Chief Minister.

Though it disturbs me that Haryana has taken a lead by becoming the first state to ban Hookah Bars, the cause of concern for me is that Punjab may still not lose the opportunity to be number two in this respect as some other states including Maharashtra and Gujarat are contemplating to ban Hookah Bars.

What do we need to ban Hookah Bars? No great resources required. No law prohibits the banning of Hookah Bars. What it requires is a simple administrative order. No expense, no complicated procedures, no legal hassles.

I conclude this Tweeeet of mine with the line I had concluded my Editorial – Hookah Bars in Punjab - should these continue Mr. Chief Minister?

(To read Editorial – ‘Hookah Bars in Punjab – Should these continue Mr. Chief Minister – click the link - http://goo.gl/Zisbv  )

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